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#7 GWD 14 Mon-Tue. 11-25 2018 Day 1837-1851 14 2am Moadim L'Simcha Sukkot, Gmar Hatima Tova!


Ari Fuld, who was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist outside a West Bank shopping mall on September 16, 2018. (Facebook)

Ari Fuld, H”YD, who was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist outside a

Judean shopping mall on 9/16/18. (Facebook)




Gail Winston #7 GWD 14 Mon-Tue. 11-25 2018 Day 1837-1851 14 2am

Dear Family & Friends,  Moadim L’Simcha Sukkot, Gmar Hatima Tova!

      Again, read between the lines & photos… Connect the preparation by the murderer of Ari Fuld’s with intelligence gathering (at a very high level) done by the 9/11 Al Qaeda crews. Don’t underestimate the espionage & Terror skills of our Arab & Muslim neighbors.  Remember that the very word “assassin” is Arabic in origin. All he needed was his big 10” knife, a photo of Ari Fuld, that he was an American who spoke English & a heart full of baseless hatred, brainwashed since childhood by PLO incitement to hate & kill Jews, with the promise of a lot of money for his family so his father wouldn’t beat him any more!!! (see story below).

           I’ve never seen so much positive response & support for a victim of Arab murder.  Then I started watching the You-Tubes & Facebook pieces that Ari created as one of Israel’s best purveyor of public diplomacy to bring truth to power to combat the Arab/Muslim lies and the hostile media that broadcasts them.  He also delivered a frequent lesson of the Torah portion of the week.  It was so poignant that his very last one was the last one of the Torah year when Moshe delivers his last message to the Jewish people waiting at the Jordan River to enter the Land of Israel promised by G-d.  Moshe gifts his people his parting gift in a song of promise, purpose & peace.

           I found his Ari Fuld treasure trove in his “Ari Fuld’s Israel Defense Page” on Facebook.  He filmed & interviewed marchers during the entire March Around the Old City on Tisha B’Av this year July 21st.  Allow about 2 hours to watch it because you won’t want to stop it.  What an amazing talent has been taken from us by the baseless hatred of Muslim murderous Terror!  I even have a personal Review & Photo recommending it.  There is Much, Much more, with great variety, Love of Israel, knowledge of our true historical Narrative – stolen by the Muslim world. Best of all, is his totally forceful truth-telling, not shy but in-your-face (if you are a non-truth telling opponent on a TV talk show) very scholarly in delivering his Torah lessons, speaking to & for the IDF, bringing historians like Dr. Mordecai Kedar & a woman anthropologist (name?), & more.  I think I just scratched the surface…  But, I cried a lot. Look him up.

All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba x 4/Mom